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2 days back I was watching a movie called “Pasand Apni Apni” (hindi language bollywood movie) with friends. In the middle of the match, one friend asked a question “the sequence in this movie is similar to one of the recent time movie. Which one is that?”. Everyone came up with an answer “Gajni” (yet another hindi language bollywood movie, kind of remake of hollywood movie “momento”). 

One may ask what is so great about it? You guys have watched both movies and came up with the answer. That’s right. There is nothing great about it as long as you are a human. Nobody told us the story of the movie in words, but we derived it by looking at the sequence in the movies. All the actors/actresses in the movie became an abstract entity. We were able to mask the people in the movie, learn from the sequence & the dialogues in the movie and finally come up to a conclusion about the story of the movie. This is so unique about the human ability. 

If you have shown the same movies and several others to a machine (say Watson by IBM) and ask the same question my friend asked to Watson, would it be able to come up with the answer. I guess not (not yet). That is because Watson is programmed to search for the keywords in the question and search the vast database to come up with the answer. Keywords in the questions does not link these 2 movies in anyways. It was just the ability of the humans to analyze the question, not just by keywords, but using the context too.

There is no machine (not even Siri) is programmed to do such thing yet. Only the time will tell the future.